Poem, written pre-1810, about marriage of convenience or without love (to start with)

Hello all,

I'm still madly working on the Case of the Crossdressing Earl, but the edits are finally coming through. I keep finding places, though, where I put a note to look something up later, and I haven't always found what I need.

Right now I need a poem. It can be in English or another European language that has been translated to English, and this must be before 1810 (as my characters must know it). It can be incredibly famous, or rather obscure, but suitable that a young lady would have read it.

The important part is the substance. There must be a marriage in the poem between two people who are only marrying for convenience. It can be for title, or money, or to fulfill an ancient prophecy, or to save a friend, but it cannot be for love. Neither party can love each other at the start of the story, or even by the time they are married. Bonus points though if the couple fall in love throughout the poem, and especially if they end up living happily ever after. Note — I'd prefer to skip poems about rape like the Wife of Bath's Tale, although dammit, it would have been perfect except for that bit.

Research done: Reading a LOT of Restoration, Renaissance and Medieval poetry, scouring themes for Marriage of Convenience — I even checked in TV Tropes, (and got out alive)

Medieval (12th century) outbreak of mystery disease (malaria ?)

Already searched : “medieval illness/disease”, “medieval  epidemics”, “epidemics”, etc + the various diseases that presented  themselves during those searches but without much success for my  specific set of requirements. So I turn to you lovely people for help  ...  

Setting : Medieval (late 12th century) - Middle east (present day Lebanon) in a big city along the coast

Hello everybody,

I need a disease which can hit my medieval middle eastern city and kill a portion of its inhabitants.

Here my various criterias :

The  outbreaks starts in mid/late June, peaks in July and August and is  mostly gone by the end of August with a few people still dying in early  September.  

I don't want to wipe them out. I just need something which would cause a significant number of person to die but leave enough people alive so that society doesn't crumble  (let say a third/half the population gets it and about half / two  thirds of the sick people die but I'm really not fussy with number,  basically enough to be noticeable and worrying enough for people to  leave the city and be scared of catching it but something from which  they rebound easily enough without much consequences beside the loss of  family members/friends.)

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Nickname in Arabic

This is a question for a modern novel with a Syrian-British character who works in a mostly-English-speaking environment. His name is Qasim (قاسم‎) and given that most nicknames are shortened versions of the full name, his colleagues call him Qas.

I know that قاس has various other meanings in Arabic, but I wasn't sure if it would be considered impolite to someone to use it as a nickname, especially when the people using it don't speak Arabic. Would it be normal for an Arabic name to be shortened like that? Or would it be considered rude?

I know this is a bit of a vague question, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency radio codes, present day.

A friend1 is writing K-Pop RPF2 and requires the codes and speak they use in Seoul in the Police force when communicating by radio. As an example, in the London Met, a white male suspect would be an IC1, and in New York, a 10-64 Q would mean a foul odour odor making things unpleasant in a street.

So is there a list of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency codes they would use? In particular, she seeks the codes for

a) disturbance of the peace (in this case a bunch of people screaming and ranting)
b) priority call for ambulances
c) serious assault
d) abduction

She has searched so far for Seoul police radio codes ... Seoul emergency radio codes ... Seoul metropolitan police agency ... Seoul emergency responder codes and the same substituting South Korea for Seoul.

1. Honest! It's crazyjane13, but she can't remember her LJ logins.
2. I know. I know. This is stretching the friendship a little.

Tracking a band of sheep grazing on public lands (present-day Utah)

Story setting: Utah, 2012, late April/early May

Scenario: I have a protagonist who wants to track down and intercept an individual sheep herder--who, in this case, is not a hired hand but a (very) small individual owner of his own small flock--actively grazing on public lands. This herdsman keeps a low profile and has minimal ties to the world at large, no online presence, etc. The protagonist has the legal name of the herder, but arrives at his permanent base address to find that he is out grazing for the season.

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Currents in water pipes, not electrical, water currents

Edited to be accepted, my previous entry was pretty crappy, I forgot all the rules!

Taking place in modern day, in a complex of buildings all connected together and to nothing else.

I checked google with "Currents in water pipes" "Water currents in water pipes" I don't know what else to look up, everything that comes up is about electrical currents, and that's not what I'm looking for, I'm looking for the WATER current inside. Like I've seen cities put turbines in water mains, but in a house's or apartment's pipe's, or in the situation I've set up above where the complex is set up so it's cut off from the outside world and the water is pumped from a storage tank, if I put fans in the pipes, would they spin? If I tried to send something through the pipes would a current wash it away in direction of where someone has a tap open or flushed a toilet? What about if all the taps and everything was off, would the water stagnate in the pipes, even if there was a water pipe from the storage tank with a pump going to the complex?

I think I need help from a plumber!!!

A resource of possible use and interest: the Museum of Menstruation.

(Crossposted to vaginapagina.)

The Museum of Menstruation--a grand rambling cross-referential time suck covering cultural, historical, medical, and commercial aspects of the topic, and aspiring to be the Junior Woodchucks' Guide on the subject--is a monument to the geekish obsessive special interest of one Harry Findlay: http://www.mum.org/ (Warning: the front page is text-only, but some links are NSFW.)

Just a few of the topics this mind-boggling display aisle of menstrual esoterica covers: Belts to hold sanitary pads (and if you remember those, you've almost certainly outlived your menstrual worries); artwork with menstrual themes; home remedies for menstrual discomfort sent in by his readers; various religious attitudes toward menstruation; historical menstrual hygiene methods.

(Since Findlay is growing old, and doesn't think that he as a cis man is the ideal curator of such a museum, he's sent out an invitation to anyone--preferably a current or past menstruator--interested in taking over his work and hosting his material collection: http://www.mum.org/future.htm)

Need a Major European Sporting or Public Event, September 1997

For my story I need a sporting event (or some other sort of big event) that would take a lot of supporters from France to Britain, or from Britain to France, in the second or third week of September 1997. There don't appear to have been any relevant football games (at least in the European League), and it's too early for Rugby so far as I can tell, any other suggestions? Any "friendly" games I might have missed?

Or some other event a lot of people might want to go to - a big-name rock concert or something?

I have a backup plan involving the Scottish National Referendum but sports etc. would work better.

Any suggestions?

Searches tried - European football 1997, Sporting events September 1997, Current events September 1997, etc.

Later - sorry, while this was going through the moderation queue I've had to change some plans for the story - this has to occur in the week or so before September 15th 1997. To clarify this a little, I'm looking for a reason for a lot of people (say a bus full) to travel into Britain from France on or before this date, so that some fugitives can slip into the country with them. Returning from a sports event or something like a rock concert, or travelling to one, seems like a good way to explain it.