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Attitudes Toward Cop who Kills Partner's Killer

(This is my first post here and I'm actually nervous - can you believe that?)

I've googled this but didn't come up with anything useful; I suspect I didn't use good search parameters (more on that in a moment). Anyway, I have a character, a cop, whose partner is shot in front of the police station. Character's partner dies on the operating table and partner goes straight to the offices of the man who ordered the hit and shoots him (dead) before anyone can react. Then he sits down, waits for the cops to come, and doesn't resist arrest. This takes place in 1980 in a fictional city which is really a loosely disguised LA.

How would this cop be treated by his colleagues and by the legal system? (i.e. - would he be more likely to be rushed to judgment as a lesson to other cops bent on revenge or would sympathies lie with him and he be given the lightest sentence possible?) What would the attitude of the general public be toward him at that place and time? If he did go to prison for any length of time, would he be kept by himself for his own safety?

ETA - thanks, all for the replies - they're very helpful, as is the suggestion to try ask_a_cop, which I'll do later today.

Back to googling - how does one google something like this? I'm sure I can find actual procedures without much trouble but what I'm looking for is more along the lines of attitude, perhaps treatment that lies outside the bounds of official procedure.

Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc)

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