scone (blinkidybah) wrote in little_details,

arson using homemade stuff

Ugh. I'm either getting news results from the middle east or dodgy online 'anarchist cookbooks' which explain (poorly) how to make bleach bombs.

Anyway. Two teenage boys, armed with gasoline, homemade molotov cocktails, and pipe bombs. A building roughly the size of a small school - maybe 100-200 kid sized one - that is (improbably but lucky for them) made mostly of wood. Out in the country, so once they're started they have a fair bit of time, and they can tote and store supplies over before hand, but they have one night to have the thing burned into being unusable.

Is this even possible? Do they need more kitchen-sink guerrilla weaponry? Is a convenient gas leak going to be needed?

Thanks in advance.
Tags: ~arson, ~explosive & explosions

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