pity_and_a_sin (pity_and_a_sin) wrote in little_details,

Looking for lyrics to an old song: "Sweet Drummer Boy."

When I was younger, I remember singing a song about a drummer boy marching off to battle; he passes by a tower where there's a princess watching him from her window, and there's conversation between him and the princess involving a flower. One of them has the flower, and asks for it from the other, and the princess's name is "Princess Marie."

.. which describes the extent of what I remember, unfortunately. I'd really, really like to find the lyrics to this song, but all searches involving "Drummer Boy" inevitably bring up the Christmas song "Little Drummer Boy," which, I assure you, this most certainly isn't.

The song follows in a pretty standard pattern - ..

Princess Marie, was watching from her tower.
Princess Marie, was watching from her tower.
A-rum-bum-bumpbumpbump-bum, was watching from her tower.

Anyone recognize this?
Tags: ~music

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