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Anyone here live in Denver?

Before I get lynched by readers for not writing the next chapter, I need some help.

The story is set in a non-existant town in Colorado, probably like 50-odd miles from Denver(or more). In the next chapter, two of the main characters travel to Denver for the semi-finals of a singing competition. Note that I've been to Colorado ONCE, and only to ski a couple of times, so all I know about the place is that it has snow and there are doctors who enjoy telling you you're going to croak in 24 hours(Yeah, I had fun there).

So I guess I just need some information, details, etc about Denver. What's the driving like, the weather(the story is set around mid-spring, April-ish I suppose), culture, etc...

Also, if there WAS a singing competition, where would it likely be held? It's probably nothing big, a total of twenty singers or so, low budget and not widely-known... so it probably won't be held anywhere grand. Are there theatres or small performance halls that do this kind of thing for cheap? And yes, if I must, I'll just make something up. ;) But if you know anything about where a singing competition, Denver or no, would probably be held... speak up! ;)

I'll probably be popping up soon with more questions for this story(some of it is set in 1699, which I know little about, but I'm researching), as I VERY much want to be as accurate as possible.
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