The Guindo (theguindo) wrote in little_details,
The Guindo

Regarding deaf people with speech

I'm thinking deaf people can learn speech even if they're born deaf. Is this true? They end up with a sort of mumbled, slurred accent, because all they can really do is copy the lip motions and not the nuances, or is this typical of people who learned speech before going deaf at a young age and people born that way don't learn speech at all?

I'm thinking of having a character who's deaf, unsure whether I want her to have gone at a young age, or a bit older. I want her bilingual (German first, then English), though I don't know if she would have tried to learn English before or after going deaf. I'd assume it'd be possible for her to learn after, but her German accent would be very thick because she wouldn't know what the English words sounded like.

Also, lip-reading. What words can commonly be mis"heard" when lip-reading?
Tags: ~deaf/hard of hearing, ~languages (misc)

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