ear with feet (lovelikeheaven) wrote in little_details,
ear with feet

16th century England/Ireland

1. I'm looking for Irish insults for the English as well as English insults for the Irish people that could have been in use during the 16th century. Commonly held sterotypes concerning both during that era would be helpful as well.

2. Can anyone give me examples of any traditional Irish practices/beliefs/behaviors that would give an Englishman in the sixteenth century a "culture shock" and vice versa?

3. What about laws of modesty for the Irish holding on to tradtitional practices in the 16th century? Or hygiene? Did they use soaps, perfumes, oils...

4. Are there any rites and rituals for the dead according to traditional Irish beliefs? And how would these rites take place during a war, on the battlefield?

I'm doing some basic worldbuilding and it's been difficult to find answers to these questions and others. If anything, even a good website on traditional Irish Gaelic culture would help!
Tags: 1500-1599, ireland: history, ~funerals, ~hygiene & grooming, ~languages: (misc): slang slurs & curses

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