That one girl, you know, who does that thing (kahteh) wrote in little_details,
That one girl, you know, who does that thing

Removing hair through scarification/burning

OK, I have a (fantasy) tribal culture whose rite of passage involves permanently removing a strip of hair about 3 inches wide, and running from their hairline to the nape of their neck. I've done some research into scarification and burning (and also alopecia, since it has the effect I'm looking for), but there's a few things I want to check.

1. How easy would it be to control the area of the scalp that gets burned?

2. I'm guessing that some form of branding would be the most precise way, but what other possibilities are there?

3. Apart from severe scarring, are there any other dangers to branding someone's scalp?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: OK, I think I have what I need. Thanks, everyone!
Tags: ~body modification (misc), ~hygiene & grooming

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