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PDA capacity -- Problem solved, thanks to all who helped!

Since I don't own a PDA, I'm throwing myself on the mercy of those you who who do. Looking at PDAs for sale doesn't give me any idea of what I need to know:

- What features would a top-quality PDA have? It would be helpful to have an idea of what was usual on earlier models, say 2-4 years ago, as opposed to what's on the market in 2006, but I can fudge that if necessary.

- How long would a new, fully-charged battery function if the user was making notes and turned it off when not in use? What would the maximum expectancy be? Is it measurable in hours? Days? Maybe a week or two if used judiciously?

- Do any of these devices include games as part of the usual software, or are they easily available? I'm thinking of things like tic-tac-toe or minesweeper, nothing fancy. And would that drain the battery faster than note-taking, even if it was a simple game?

- Is there such a thing as a solar battery charger for a device like this?

Thanks in advance--it might as well be rocket science, for all I know about it.

TO CLARIFY: The scenario I envision has my character (with his PDA) in a crisis situation where he will have no access to electric power/way to plug in a standard charger for several weeks. He's going to be journaling his experiences. If he inputs for 20-30 minutes per day and doesn't do much else with the PDA, what's a best-case scenario for how long the battery will last?


Thanks, everyone--you've been very helpful! I appreciate the useful input. I think the premise that my idea hinges on is all I have to do is write it.
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