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Military wives

Hi, new member here. I've got a question. (Imagine that!)

I tried googling this, but all I got was links to support groups and such. My question (I have several, actually) is about wives whose husbands are in the military and currently deployed.

Question one: I often hear of such spouses living right on military bases or forts. Is this always the case, or can they also have their own home in a town or where ever?

Question two: While her husband is deployed, would a woman receive money on a regular basis, from her husband's pay or the government, or would she need her own job? In my googling I did find that military spouses are often unemployed, so I'm wondering what their source of income is.

Question three: Also, what is the standard procedure for a soldier coming home? Is it just, get off the plane, hug the family, race on home, or is there some sort of rigamarole they have to go through before they're allowed to go?

Thanks a bunch, guys! =)

Edit: Yes, I am talking about American military here and I apologize to anyone I may have offended or confused for not specifying as such. I meant to include that fact, and it slipped my mind. To err is human.
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