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Question about med school 3rd and 4th year

I've already researched a bunch on this, read the wiki article, found other interesting pages etc. so I think I have a decent rough idea of what med school in the USA of today is like. However, one thing none of the articles I read actually mentioned is what exactly students do in their 3rd and 4th year of med school. It says, medical students begin rotating through each of the specialties of medicine and in the 4th year more clinical rotations with a higher level of responsibility are completed, in addition to electives.

This is where I get confused. So does that mean that a 3rd and 4th year med student never sees the inside of a college anymore around that time and just hang out in hospitals? Or do they still take advanced classes, hear lectures and presentations etc.? Also, would they still be part of college life, like live in dorm rooms, eat at the cafeteria, things like that? What are electives anyway? O.o In essence, what would the average weekly routine of a 4th year med school student in particular be like?

In addition to that, should 4th years still actually take classes, what would be a catchy, medical sounding title be for one of them? ^^; Kinda lacking creativity there. I was browsing some curriculums online, but most of them were kinda general and the more specific ones were restricted to students.

Thanks for your help!
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