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Security within the White House and among the "first family"

I'd Google this, but I'm not altogether doing so wouldn't get me arrested or at least red flagged. Big Brother and all that.

1) Basically, the story is about a president's college age son. Would he be given pretty much free reign within the building? Or would he have to have an escort (say, a Secret Service agent or some other type of guard)? Presumably, if he walked into the west wing and wanted to go into the oval office to speak to his dad, no one would really think twice about it, would they?

2) This character will also be attending a college that is as-yet unknown, but far enough away that he has to live on/near campus. Would this be a nightmare, as far as security is concerned? This president has three kids, two of which are adult sons, one of which is a daughter in high school. Would there be Secret Service agents hovering over all three of them constantly throughout this president's term, or only during events the president actually attended? How likely is it that this college kid (okay, Matt, I'm thinking his name is) could choose his own roommate? Would this security group, if they're involved, grill this person endlessly and require five thousand kinds of identification and a sworn oath of allegiance?

3) Are there any legal issues involved with tabloids and scandalous/unseemly stories regarding the presidential family? I remember Chelsea, of course, but all they ever talked about was who she was dating and everything. What about pictures of an, uh, sensitive nature? Since they are tabloids, I'm thinking the same open season rules apply the same as every other celebrity, but you never know. Would one of the aforementioned Secret Service agents harass any would-be paparazzo into submission if, contingent with question 2 of course, they were actually around?

4) And finally, the question that made me avoid Google: Near the end of the story, Matt is attending a campaign rally for the second term and some nutjob makes an attempt on the president's life. However, said nutjob is not a particularly good aim so Matt ends up taking it instead. The family is rounded up and hauled to a local hospital while presumably the campaign site turns into an apocalyptic wonderland of snipers. Especially given what's just happened, would security just lock down a section of the hospital while the president and first lady are waiting for their son to get out of surgery, or what? This one's got me stumped.

Yes, I'm full of questions tonight. Thanks in advance for any help you can give!
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