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Draping a sari

I'm trying to research less ubiquitous styles of sari-draping, and I'm becoming frustrated (okay, I'm already frustrated) by how hard it is to find pages that dedicate more than a passing paragraph to them.

What I particularly want is diagrams. I have pictures, and enough information for my purposes on what's worn where and by whom, but trying to figure out just how these are put on is kinda hard. Does anyone have any webpages? Or hell, book recommendations? I'd prefer not to have to spend money, but I'm desperate.

I came across this book while searching and am considering it, but the drawings are rather crude, and if there's something as comprehensive that's prettier, I'd like to know.

Note: It's easy to find information and diagrams on this style, so I don't want that. Anything else is what I'm looking for.

Edit: The Wikipedia article has a link to instructions on how to drape a fishtail and Vijanayagara-era sari that I managed to miss, so I've got those covered too.

Edit 2: To add bolding.
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