Girl Next Door (averagefry) wrote in little_details,
Girl Next Door

England, Berkshire countryside description

Hello all! I'm looking for descriptions of the countryside around Compton Beauchamp, Berkshire, England, and Lambourn (or really, Bockhampton), Berkshire, England. I'm writing a Victorian novel (1886 - 1888) where the characters live in the Compton Beauchamp house, and the Bockhampton Manor.

I have pictures of the fronts of these houses, but I can't seem to find anything else. How the country looks around these specific houses, how it looks leading up to the houses...would the roads be dirt leading up to the houses? Gravel? Are there trees? Is it generally green in this area? What type of farming is known from this area?

Thanks so much for everything you can tell me!

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