Danielle de Faux (penguin2) wrote in little_details,
Danielle de Faux

Prices and wages in London, 1963

Hello again! My request to this community a few months ago, about wealthy boys' clothing in the 1950s, yielded some good results (thankee!). Now, can anyone direct me to a source of information about typical prices - especially for cheap sketch pads and charcoals/cafe meals (e.g. egg, beans, chips and tea)/ordinary department-store clothing (e.g. M&S or Army and Navy) - in London in 1963? I'd also like to know what a typical wage packet would have been back then (I was far too young to notice at the time; I didn't start paying attention to wage packets until the very end of the 1960s).

Any info, whether in the form of URLs or that of some grandparent's reminiscences, would be greatly appreciated.

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