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Untreated Rape Symptoms

While all the rape crisis sites I've found are great for initial reactions and the reactions that go with treatment/reporting of rape, they're not so helpful for this.

My set up is as follows:

A female character is raped by two men at her shop. She fights them off and escapes. I've already decided that her initial reactions are going to be Controlled rather than Expressed. And she's going to pack up her shop and turn it into a roving one.

Now, here's my dilemma. The Earth she's on is in the midst of turning into a slave-world, meaning there are a lot of Evil Aliens steadly taking over the planet, destroying towns/cities/etc. Whatever access she would have had to any type of rape counselling or trauma treatment is pretty shot. So, she just deals with it on her own.

What kind of symptoms am I looking at here? Baggy clothes and bad haircuts? No make-up? Avoidance of men in general? Refusing to be in enclosed spaces with them?

She does get her hands on a gun as soon as she can.

Also, would it be believable if, two years down the line, she helps out a guy who's being robbed and develops a friendship with him? (As in, he starts working for her, helping her out)

I also would like to have her 'adopt' the main character about 3-4 years after her attact. She thinks he's a fellow abuse victim, hires him and they look out for each other and the first guy.

Last question, 10 years after the attack, still untreated, would there be any tells that she was attacked?

I know a lot of this depends on the personality of the woman, but best and worst case senarios would be helpful.

Edit: I have the answers I need. Thanks!
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