Wind Crystal (ajora) wrote in little_details,
Wind Crystal

In Soviet Russia, television watches you!

Hi all. I googled this a while back, once found a decent page on the subject, but it went down a few years ago.

Basically, I have an expat Russian character who moved to Japan in the early '80's (had it bad for a Japanese mathematician). I have it set up so that was born about 3 years before Stalin croaked (1950), but I'd like good, solid post-Stalinist anecdotes of the social climate shortly after Stalin's death (particularly in and around Leningrad Saint Petersburg). I'm especially interested in what would shape a young girl into the paranoid, sarcastic (and funny when she wants to be), closed-off-to-everyone-but-her-family woman she ends up as in 2000.

Oh, and any tips on how to write a Russian accent without being obnoxious about it would be lovely.*

Thanks in advance!

* Edit: What I mean in this is grammatical construction tips that'll convey the sense of an accent, not the spelling out of phonetics that is ever so obnoxious in written accents.
Tags: russia: history, ~languages: russian

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