Total fuckup with great taste in music (arabwel) wrote in little_details,
Total fuckup with great taste in music

Fake claws?

So, in this fic I am working on, one of the characters who is a pro monster costume maker promises to make anoither cgharacter a set of claws - namely, the sort that are sheats that fit on wach individual finger rather than anything glove-like.

Google has yet to help me about this - I think I either have thre wrong search terms or there just isnpt anything about how to make SHARP fake claws and more precisely, how long does it take to make a full set - and if they need fittings before they are finished?

also: how long do this sort of thing stay on? Say, during hot clingy claw-y sex , would some of them go missing or would they stick?

(and if you know something I should take into account and appear to not to have any idaea about, please tell me)
Tags: ~clothing

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