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Sex during menstruation

I feel like a creep asking about this, but since I am clueless about this, what better place to ask than little_details. It's about rape, so it's

I've been to Minotaur's site. I know that blood isn't a good lubricant for male sex. Would the same hold true for male/female intercourse, or would extra lube not be necessary? Would going without lube make conditions (conditions, I sound like a weather report) uncomfortable for both the man and the woman, or just for one of them? Also, how messy is it?

ETA: Just to clear up any confusion, yes, I know that the vagina self-lubricates. However, in the case of my short story, the woman is being raped and is on her period. I'd need to know if the blood would be enough of a lubricant for the male to carry on with the act without it being too uncomfortable on -his- side, and also, if his cock would be covered in blood or what.

Um. Yes. Thank you.

ETA #2: I was able to write out the scene to my liking with your help. I know this is a touchy subject matter, so thanks to everyone who has replied. :)
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