Kassia (kassia06) wrote in little_details,

Deep cuts on the forearm

I have a character with two extremely deep cuts on his forearm, inflicted by a bite from a human-sized mouth.

I was wondering, what is the least damage I can reasonably inflict on him with wounds like these? How likely would it be that a nerve or blood vessel would be damaged, and that he would need surgery? I would prefer to keep his hospital stay as short as possible, and the character will need to swim later in the story, but I'd also like the results of the injury to be realistic.

Thanks very much for any help or suggestions.

Edit: It's not a human bite, just human-sized. For type of bite, think barracuda. As I understand it, barracudas inflict very straight, deep lacerations, that can go bone deep.

It's a fantasy story, y'see.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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