Marquesate (marquesate) wrote in little_details,

First-hand experience of being in an Intensive Care Unit?

I believe this question is not country specific. Basically, one of the protagonists finds himself in intensive care after an explosion where he received abdominal injuries.

I have been able to find information about ICUs, but what I am after is what it is like to be in intensive care. I have not been able to find accounts of experices. I would like to write a part from my character's point of view.

If anyone on here has been in an ICU (and in many ways I do hope that no one had to be) but if anyone has, would you be willing to share any memories of what it was like? I'd be ever so grateful.
Tags: australia: health care and hospitals, canada: health care and hospitals, france: health care and hospitals, uk: health care and hospitals, usa: health care and hospitals, ~medicine (misc), ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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