Waffles McGee (costellofolds) wrote in little_details,
Waffles McGee

hospital blood storage

Hello all. I'm working on a screenplay, and I'm stuck on a detail that's probably a bit anal-retentive. Google hasn't helped, and when I called a local hospital with these questions, they, er, flipped out (the words creep and police were thrown around pretty liberally).

I'm assuming hospitals have their own storage facilities for blood. Would it be a room or just a fridge? Also, if it's a room, what would it be called? Would it have a title on the door or any sort of warning? Finally, what sort of organizational devices (shelves, boxes, etc) would separate the different blood types?
Tags: australia: health care and hospitals, uk: health care and hospitals, usa: health care and hospitals, ~forensics (misc)

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