twentystitches (twentystitches) wrote in little_details,

Neck snapping. Eyes in Jars.

I've got a situation where one character is about to kill another. It needs to be done quick, relatively painlessly and without a big mess. If the killer was to snap her neck would it be instant? Which direction? (Up and to the side?) I'm guessing that he'd need to break the spinal cord as well...?

On another hand, he's got a gun. How messy would it be if he shot her in the back of the head? And how quickly would she die?

If one wanted to display a pair of human eyes in a jar, what kind of fluid would they be suspended in to keep them...fresh? For at least a day or two.

Thanks in advance. :D
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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