Cocoa (momijizukamori) wrote in little_details,

Scarring Over Tattoos

Okay, so Google has turned up lots about the opposite, tattooing over scars (for those who care, it's possible, but hard, and the ink tends to fade and/or bleed more on scar tissue), but nothing about what happens when scar tissue forms over an already existing tattoo. For the sake of arguement, assume a knife-wound, clean, but deep enough to require stitches - would the scar be totally ink free, or would the ink bleed funny into the scar tissue?

EDIT: Answered, thank you all! Consensus is that any new scar tissue is going to be ink-free, although it can be minimized if the person treating the wound knows what they're doing and lines the edges up well enough.
Tags: ~body modification: tattoos, ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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