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Lifestyle of an executioner in medieval times

Probably answered, when I get around to reading the book eleanorb suggested. Thanks to all the posters :D

What kind of life would an executioner lead in European medieval times? Wikipedia says that they're often shunned, but I couldn't find a lot of information aside from that.

I have a character who's the second-oldest son of a very well-off, powerful family, and he's the king's executioner. Some of the main questions I have are:

Would he have met much opposition from his family? Would he be shunned to the point where he's forced to live away from the village or city? Where would he live? What would he wear?

In regards to that last question, he's not too fond of the stereotypical hooded medieval executioner appearance. Would he be allowed to wear whatever he wanted to?

Any other information would also be hugely appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: Also, the world that this story takes place in is different from the real world, but based off European medieval times.
Tags: ~middle ages, ~torture

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