lady looks like a dude (sodzilla) wrote in little_details,
lady looks like a dude

Hair and Tokyo

What do dreadlocks feel like to the touch? Am currently working on several stories featuring a guy who wears them, but don't know anyone in meatspace who does, and am just a tad too shy to walk up to a random stranger in the street and ask "can I feel your hair?". (If it makes any difference, the character's more likely to have the "styled" kind of dreads - I understand there's a special shampoo you can use? Don't think he'd go with something that involved not washing for extended periods of time.)

Also, what kind of city climate does Tokyo have? I'm guessing in terms of buildings it's a lot of skyscrapers and such, but is there a lot of air pollution? (A friend says you can't see the stars at night...) Also, is there any "random" greenery in the city, or is it mostly confined to parks and private gardens?
Tags: japan: tokyo, ~hygiene & grooming

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