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Foster care in Japan

I've been trying to look this up for a while and am just having no luck whatsoever.

Does anyone know where to get any information on the Japanese foster care system? I have a character who was given up by her mother at a young age (unwed college student who wasn't ready for a child) and I can't figure out much of anything about her living situation.

Basically, here's what I have, and I need to know if this is feasible. Kori's 14 when the story starts and lives in a foster home; there's her, her foster mother (Tsuya), and about five other girls, all younger (ages 4-9 or so). (Tsuya could have a husband, if single women don't usually get foster kids.) I figure Kori was placed there when she was a toddler; how often are they likely to be shuffled around? I'm hoping pretty much not at all unless they get adopted, and Kori's a little old for most families to be interested. Tsuya's set on keeping her if at all possible, although I don't know if adopting her is an option--for one, over the course of the story, Kori gets really sick and Tsuya's glad she doesn't have to worry about the hospital bills. I'd also be grateful for information on any remaining rights Kori's birth mother would be likely to retain; mainly, would she have visitation rights? Lastly, Kori actually ends up terminally ill with a heart condition (the cause is less than mundane, but of course the doctors don't know that); when she's well enough not to be in the hospital, would she still get to live with Tsuya? I'm assuming/hoping yes, unless Japan has some sort of tradition of keeping sick foster kids in special group homes.

I can work with probably anything I'm given, I just want some accuracy here. Thanks in advance!
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