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Coming Out Of A Seizure


I was wondering about the experiences people have had in coming out of a seizure. I know it varies on what type of seizure the person just had [grand mal vs. a more minor one] as well as the person themself, but my direct experience is rather limited [causing myself seizures on purpose will probably lead to unwanted attention and scribbling on a notepad right over someone as they seizure might seem perverse].

The general answers I have tended to get from few others is that if they've lost conciousness during the seizure but regained it right after, they've felt groggy and wanted to go sleep [and did for however long]. Others slept for however long and then regained conciousness. During ones where conciousness was kept throughout, the person didn't feel like sleeping and proceeded as normal.

Does any of that sound akin to normal-ish responses for coming out of a seizure for people? If you've experienced seizures [or have had friends who've had], I'd appreciate hearing as well.

Thank you.

Thanks very much everyone ~~ this is good help.
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