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United Kingdom, early 1970s, music and dances

EDIT: Thank you everyone! Pefect answers! I hate you for now having the Womble song stuck in my head, but Thank You!

Before there was the Hustle, and before there was YMCA... what were the fad dances of the early 1970s, especially those popular in the United Kingdom?

Also, in the following situation, what songs/bands was most likely to play: (cut for length)

An informal garden party in an upper-middleclass English household. Still early 1970s. Young people and old people attend alike. The young people group together, and the hostess takes to them a wireless radio, turns it on and says "you youngsters have some fun dancing" or words to that extent. They are still within hearing range, so would not change the station out of courtesy, but the music played is something conservative, not, say, Jimmi Hendrix or T.Rex or something. Not even the Beatles. I'm looking for something equivalent to German "Schlager"music, and am utterly lost. "Schlager" are (generally very awful) songs that conservative parents would like their children to listen to. They often covered succesful English songs with German lyrics, but as they used, among others, Black Sabbath melodies with German lyrics, I also don't want to just put in one of the originals. I'm thinking early Eurovision Song Contest. Also, what radio station was likely to play such music? Was there a special show (not Top of the Pops, as they were.. well, too cool..) that would only play such music?
Tags: 1970-1979, uk: history (misc), ~music

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