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gun range

I'm having trouble googling this because of my complete ignorance when it comes to distances, so maybe someone can help me. My character has a special gun, and I need to know just what sounds like a good range for it. Setting is some time in the very very distant future. It's about the size of a normal handgun, made from a special type of steel. It fires an incredibly small bullet (only a few millimetres in diameter), yet is so deadly that its kind has been banned and most of them destroyed. I want it to be effective at a great distance, but I don't want it to sound completely ridiculous. So can anyone offer any decent range (in metres please)?


EDIT: I should have put this in originally, the actual bullet doesn't do much damage at all. It's the electrical charge I have surrounding the bullet that does the most damage. But I think I have what I need now, so thank you to all who commented.
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