The Girl With The Fairytale Dream (alicepeters) wrote in little_details,
The Girl With The Fairytale Dream

Connecticut Trespassing Laws

I find a ton of stuff on Google... just nothing that's completely relevant or that I can understand on the rare occasion it fits.

This is for the state of Connecticut, Hartford County.

My character is over the age of eighteen. The people whose property he's trespassing on know him, but have asked him to leave several times and eventually call the police when he refuses.

Would the police arrest and jail him as a trespasser if the residents choose to press charges?

If so, would they release him if the couple that pressed charges chose to drop them? Could a friend/family member post bail to get him out before that?

How much paper work would any of this involve? Valid ID?

Any information whatsoever would be fantastic.
Tags: usa: connecticut, usa: government: law enforcement (misc)

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