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Something regarding Godzilla....

My search attempts have failed for the most part, so I thought I'd come here.

Okay I'm well aware that Godzilla(Japanese, not GINO) is radioactive. It's how he was created.

What I'm looking for is this: Would you become irradiated just by being near him? What would happen if someone touched his hide with their bare hands? How long until exposure is lethal?

Now I know it'd be like a microwave oven if he blew his atomic ray. That much I'm aware of. However, I have an old fanfic I'd like to revamp where a crazy scientist figures out how to alter Godzilla's molecular structure and shrinks him to about four inches tall. In the story I had people handling him in their bare hands(I was young when I wrote it, but the idea is so good I want to redo it). First it's the bad guys trying to do experiments, but there's good guys who think it's wrong and want to rescue him, so they do.

Then problem is transporting him. I know tranquilizers will be required, but how do you handle Godzilla? In a towel? Radiation suits? Gloves? Or if he can be safely handled in bare hands, how long before exposure is dangerous...and would it be dangerous to even be near him? Could the change in size also shrink to scale the amount of radiation present on him? What about when the effects of the device that shrink him start to wear off and he begins to grow again(slowly, not just boom and he's huge again!).

Hellllllllp please :) I know those are a lot of questions, but I'm really lost and want to be realistic when I revamp this story.
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