not as pretty as I thought I'd be (knittedshadow) wrote in little_details,
not as pretty as I thought I'd be

American Geography

Okay, well from England here so have absolutely no idea about American geography, my queries are:

1. Is it likely that someone would travel from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg for the day, just to do some shopping?

2. If not, then where, reasonably close to Pittsburgh, are they likely to go? Preferably a place that's fairly well known for good shops but it needs to be out of Pittsburgh.

Phew I said Pittsburgh a lot of times. Thanks for any help in advance.

ETA: Thanks for everyone's help, I'll it put here instead of replying to each individually. In order to clarify:
I guess the shopping is not really the important thing I just need to have a reason for a mother and young daughter to go out of Pittsburgh for a day-trip (shopping to me seemed like the simplest reason).
Tags: usa: pennsylvania, ~travel (misc)

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