Mariah (ceruleanblues) wrote in little_details,

"My life. My card." print ads

Apparently, there's an AmEx ad themed around "My Life, My Card." They involve a short, questionnaire-style interviews with famous people. I've seen the television spots at the website, but I can't for the life of me find a print version of the ad for reference. I've tried scouring the website and using Google Images.

The format of my story uses text with interspersed images, so I'd love to have an actual picture, not just a description.

Does anybody know where I might find this? Does anybody have a copy of the magazine these ads appeared in that they can scan? Or can they give me a name and issue of a publication in which these ads appeared so I can buy it?

I know it's a weird request, but that's what this community is all about, so thanks in advance for any help...

Thanks tartary_lamb!
Tags: ~credit card

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