The Guindo (theguindo) wrote in little_details,
The Guindo

Fishing with arrows

So I have a character who is pretty heavy into archery; kid is good, and he loves it.

He's recently been introduced to the idea of spearfishing, and finds this intriguing ("It's like archery with a bigger arrow and no bow!"). He's got it in his head that he's going to try fishing with his bow and arrows now.

What I need to know is if this can succeed, and if so, to what degree? Should he tie a string to his arrow for ease of pulling the fish back after he's shot it? To what degree would that fuck up the trajectory, would it get caught on the bow when he was firing, etc, etc?

I know a fair bit of archery (and physics) myself, so don't feel you have to dumb down your answer for me; I probably know what you're talking about.

[Edit] He's planning to wade into the shallows and shoot fish at a fairly close distance, 10ft at the most. I know he'd stand no chance in hell standing on the shore and shooting from like forever away XD [/Edit]

[Edit 2] Thanks, guys! I got some real useful replies here, I think I have enough to play this out. More info is always welcome, though, if you got it. [/Edit 2]
Tags: ~hunting

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