picky_dragon (picky_dragon) wrote in little_details,

Hanging pregnant women and medieval real estate

Two questions.

As I understand it, in the old west, even women were subject to being hung if they committed a suitable crime. Firstly, is this correct, and if so, were there any special rules about pregnant women?

If it is not correct, were/are there other cultures in which women can hanged which also permit the hanging of a pregnant woman?

If a pregnant woman is hanged, is it possible to save the baby after she's dead (assuming the child is near to term)?

On an unrelated note--not quite sure how to phrase this question (and therefore not sure how to google it)--in modern America, we have residential zones, commercial zones, industrial and government zones, etc. Was there any such thing, or anything similar, present in any culture of medieval Europe? How did commoners buy/sell land (or did they)? How was noble property bought and sold? Does anyone have some good reference URLs so I might read up on this sort of thing?
Tags: ~hanging, ~law (misc), ~medicine: reproduction, ~middle ages

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