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Being Stabbed

How much damage can a knife inflict on someone's hand?

The senario I'm working on are two guys having a confrontation. The agressor is 5" taller and about 50lbs heavier than the victim. The agressor pulls a knife and lunges for the victim. My intent is to have the victim automatically use his hand to protect himself, in the process getting the hand sliced open. Shortly after the conflict begins, a bunch of people pull the agressor away from the victim, so there's really going to be only one wound inflicted. This happens at a public event, where the police can be reached quickly and brought to the scene.

Under these circumstances...

1: Can one good knife slash cause someone to need a blood transfusion?

2: Could a knife wound to the hand be serious enough to make it so the person would be completely unable to play an instrument (guitar) for at least 3 days. I'm not talking a doctor saying he shouldn't play, we all know that doctor's advice can be ignored and musicians can be a rather dedicated lot, I'm asking if an injury can be so bad as to make it so they just can't play.

3: If the injury is so bad that they can't play guitar for a few days, would it also have to be serious enough that their playing could be affected perminantly? Or could it be something that would be serious for awhile, but they'd have a complete recovery?

3: If the injury was so bad that the person needed a transfusion, how long would they be kept in the hospital?

4: If a knife wound to the hand is not enough to disable someone from playing for at least a few days, what type of knife injury would put someone down and out for a few days without being perminantly damaging?

Basically, I want the situation to end up where the victim is unable to perform temporarily so another guitar player needs to be brought in to finish out the group's peformances for the weekend, but not so serious that the rest of the group would be scard the victim was going to die.

Any/all help would be appreciated and I'm sorry if these questions (or similar ones) have been asked before. I did go back a bit, but this community is so popular, I just didn't have the time to hunt through all back entries. I did try googling some of this, but all I seemed to come up with were ways to care for knife injuries, not instructions for how serious they could be.
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