Hillary (cookie_wolf) wrote in little_details,

Arsenic poisoning

I've googled this for over a month if not more. I've looked in the school, public and local college library. And libraries out of  the city. I did get a writer's guide to poisons but all I got were the symptoms. So, hopefully somebody can answer.

Like I said, I have the symptoms to arsenic poisoning. My character is poisoned with it, a little over the space of about a week or two, with food. This is approximately 1579, in the Renaissance. If a doctor came, what illness would he think my character would have? I don't want it to be obvious he was poisoned because they don't find out until he's near dead. And is there anything that the doctor would suggest to treat the "sickness"? I'd like it to be a sickness back then, obviously. I think I looked up arsenic poisoning, symptoms and sicknesses and managed to find a bunch of anti-depressants and their side effects. Thanks if anybody could help me.

Tags: 1500-1599, ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: poisoning

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