Jenny Jackson (jennymiaow) wrote in little_details,
Jenny Jackson

Severing a limb.

Say a young woman who is a very inexperienced hiker was caught in a rock slide and wound up with her foot stuck in the rubble. Her foot is badly damaged, broken and such, but probably not bleeding because of the way that the rocks are pressing down on it. She remains that way for a couple of days, but then in order to save herself, she needs to cut off her foot so that she can get out.

My original idea was with a hunting knife, but it would take a very very brave person to be able to saw off their foot just above the ankle with a hunting knife. I figured that it wouldn't be very plausible for her character to do that. So now I'm thinking a very sharp axe.

For believability's sake, would two blows with the axe be enough? And more importantly, can someone sever their own limb without passing out? Pain is okay, eventual death is ok, but she cannot lose consciousness right after she cuts off her foot. If she's doing it to herself, she's mentally prepared, but that could backfire if she's anticipating pain.

Your thoughts? Plausible?

Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: broken bones

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