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How Many Subjects do US school students generally take?

Hello, I don't know if this is too broad or anything, but as an Australian, I don't have any experience with the US education system, and websites don't seem to be that much help.

Firstly, how many subjects do High school students usually take? Do they take less by the time they're Juniors or Seniors? Or does it remain the same all the way through?

Which subjects are considered compulsary? (At my school, only English, either maths or a science and religion- I went to a Catholic school- was considered compulsary in Grades Eleven and Twelve, otherwise you could do whatever.)

How do credits work? Do you get one credit per subject per year? Do you have to take a language the entire four years in High School (I wanted my character to give up on foreign languages by Junior year)?

The school my character is going to is a Private school in New York City, are private schools that much different than public schools in the US? Or are all New York schools generally the same?

Thanks in advance!
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