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jailtime for "witch"-persecuting town?

story's set in the present, USA. we're in a completely fictional town of very backwards-thinking, close-minded, superstitious idiots. whatever leadership and/or law enforcement they have is this old guy, a sort of medicine man-ish character.

the town accuses a woman and her two daughters as witches, when mysterious deaths occur. (accdg to town lore, their family has always been composed of witches.) so, in the middle of the night, the entire town goes to the "witches'" cottage, with guns of all sorts and torches. they set fire to the cottage, burning one of the daughters alive. the other daughter gets shot as she tries to run away. mother manages to escape.

*any access they have to the "civilized" no-witch-hunting-in-2006 world is thorugh a couple of extremely wary medical missionaries. they didn't witness the event but just saw the aftermath (burnt house, dead bodies). can they do something about it? report it to someone maybe? so, if they do that, will the town pay for this crime? will they [the town] be persecuted? by whom? the police of the nearest "civilized" town? will the *entire* town be held accountable for the deaths?

and would there be a name for this crime?

Tags: ~vampires witches and werewolves oh my

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