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Childhood Schizophrenia - treatment and logistics

Right. So I have a male character, Ajax, who is aged seventeen and was diagnosed with childhood schizophrenia when he was about ten. However, Ajax isn't really schizophrenic - he's psychic, and can sense others thoughts and often experiences hallucinations or visions of the future. When he was a child, Ajax had difficulty distinguishing these visions from reality - he would inform his parents that he heard other people's thoughts and saw things in his mind that hadn't happened yet. His parents naturally assumed that their son was suffering from delusions and symptoms of psychosis, and took the proper steps to get his diagnosed and treated.

His mother, however, soon began to suspect the truth about her son. She had also had psychic ability when she was younger - however, her very religious parents soon quashed that by teaching her that her gift was a sin against God, and that she was being punished for immoral acts. She began to "self-treat" herself, and eventually learned to repress her abilities.

When she realized her son may face the same social ostracizing and familial humiliation that she faced, she decided to pursue the psychological treatments, hoping that her son would become disillusioned and instead decide that he was, in fact, mentally unbalanced rather than psychic. In her backwards logic it was preferable to have a schizophrenic son rather than a psychic one.

Ajax, however, is a highly intelligent young man and soon guessed the truth about his mother. He became disillusioned, yes, but of his own mother's love and protection - he figured that she was more worried about the approval of her parents than of her own son's health. So, he became increasingly angry and resentful. His anger has manifested itself in occasionally violent ways - more and more he has turned to criminal activities, from petty theft and property damage to physical assault - and he is virulently antisocial. He has given up trying to convince others of his psychic abilities, and is instead content letting his parents believe that the psych meds and counseling are working somewhat. However, because he is so angry with both of them, he will occasionally stage psychotic breaks as punishment. In the past, once he realized everyone assumed he was crazy, he became very depressed and even attempted suicide.  He also experiments with illegal substances as a way to block out or repress his abilities.

So, after than long-winded explanation, my questions are these: What affect would anti-psychotic medicines have on someone who didn't have schizophrenia? Also, what sort of schools would Ajax attend? His parents are well-to-do, and could afford to send him to a private school. If he engaged in criminal activity, could he be sent to a reform school, or would he be more likely sent to a school that specialized in psychologically unwell children? After Ajax's suicide attempt, he spent some time in a mental hospital, and though neither he nor his parents want to repeat that experience, I would still like to know what sort of conditions he would have been subject to. Also, what would happen when Ajax turned eighteen? Would he still be considered a minor under his parents own care, due to his condition, would he be legally in charge of himself, or something in between?

Is there anyone who can shed light on this matter?
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