A. (kaiweilau) wrote in little_details,

motorcycles, weight, additional person

Ok, I tried googling this to no avail. When you ride a motorcycle, and stick someone on the back holding on to you, does the additional weight change how you maneuver or ride? And also, how annoying would it be if the person in front was wearing a helmet, but the person in the back didn't?

My protagonist has a motorcycle, specifically not a loud Harley, but one of the ones built for extreme speed. She's making a get away after robbing someone and she runs into someone that she has to bring with her on her motorcycle. She's a woman of average height and weight but the guy she brings is like a pretty big guy of 6'7" with weight proportional to that (whatever it would be). She rides in front and he holds on to her. How does riding with him change how she drives? (and what's the correct term for "driving" a motorcycle?)
Tags: ~motorcycles

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