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Vampire Stories, Catholicism, French History

This is probably the weirdest thing any of you will ever be asked, but here goes:

How would a 16-year-old boy in 1308 France flee the country?

He's the *ahem* 'lover' of a fairly powerful man who has already fled the country. Theoretically, the Church is closing in on the vampires, and he's said vampire's little 'snack'. Anywho, he's trying to get out of Normandy, but the Church has already tried to kill him once. Since he survived that, they're bound and determined to slaughter him.

I managed to find maps of 1300's France, but my father remarked that towns and whatnot were swapping hands so frequently, I couldn't use a 1328 map for 1308.

Any ideas out there?

Ok, yet another question! What would he be speaking? How far removed is Old French from modern? Old Italian? Old English?
(Ok, we're chalking that 'old Italian' thing up to the fact that I haven't slept in...oh, a long time. And the fact that I'm supposedly doing homework right now...)

I grew up speaking traditional Gaelic as well as English, so my perception of Old English/Modern differences is a little is my English, sadly.

I need him to be talking to the vampire who's caring for him. I know that 'je t'aime' means 'I love you' and I'm using that, but how would I say something like, 'I know' and 'I must leave'?

Are there any terms of endearment he would be using? Insults? Something he would yell in a panic?This can be modern French, because, you know, I doubt most of my readers are going to be calling me on, 'Oooh! That's not Old French!! I'm gonna TELL!!!'

I take Spanish and German, not French, and I don't trust online translators any further than I can throw them!

Next question! (you tired of me yet?)
So, my boy here's Catholic. Would he carry a rosary? Would he go to confession? What kind of things would be standard for him? What things would he not be allowed to do by the Church? Any details/personal experiences of being Catholic would be loved. I'm firmly Druidic, and my friends are all Protestant, so...yeah...

And, finally, last question.

What kind of vampire stories have you all heard? What are vampire strengths/weaknesses that you've heard of?

I'm trying to get a large pool to draw from, so if there's anything you hear/read/see a lot, I'd love to know. Anything you would find interesting, the most potent details, that sort of thing would be great.

Thank you so much!

EDIT: Questions answered! Thanks for the overwhelming response!!!
Tags: 1300-1399, france: history, ~languages: french, ~middle ages, ~religion: christianity: catholicism, ~vampires witches and werewolves oh my

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