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City of Dis

I'm writing a series (trilogy) which takes place (roughly) two thirds in Hell, and one third in Heaven. I need descriptions of the "levels" of Heaven and Hell, and I've Googled and Wikied it to death, but I can't find ONE COMPACT webpage to describe them all.

I'm wondering three things:

I. What are some good books that would include descriptions of all the "levels" of Heaven and Hell? I know about Dante's Divine Comedy, but I'm looking more for non-fiction, and not poetry.
II. Any good webpages anybody knows about? I've done the Dante's Divine Comedy Inferno Quiz, and have the link to all those descriptions, but they're not very detailed.
III. Anybody know anything about this stuff themselves? Titles/names of each level, as well as geography/whatever would be appretiated.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: ~religion & mythology (misc), ~religion: christianity (misc), ~religion: christianity: catholicism

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