Jessica (jtersesk) wrote in little_details,

This community is so awesome. (Felt the need to add to the love!)

I have a question that's kind of personal. A character in my novel is going to have an early-2nd trimester miscarriage. I'd like an idea of what this might be like from a medical standpoint and from a personal experience.

My questions are, basically:

1 - Medically speaking: What might cause a miscarriage in the 2nd trimester? What would happen to the woman? (i.e., is it just a lot of bleeding, is there any kind of medical procedure done afterward, would she need to go to or stay in the hospital?) Are there any long-term physical repercussions?

2 - Emotionally/Personally speaking: Would someone be willing to share an experience? It's ok if not; I can imagine it's a very difficult thing to relive.

I'm pretty clear on the psychological implications (since her psychological reaction to the miscarriage is central to the story), and I know the emotional reaction would be different for each person.

This won't be written from her POV, so I don't have to be totally inside her head, but she would need to be able to talk about it and I would need to be able to describe what she goes through.
Tags: ~medicine: reproduction
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