A raging beast with nothing to hide... (bolddeciever) wrote in little_details,
A raging beast with nothing to hide...

Japanese Translation

I'm writing a radio play, and I have a scene in an airport (well, spaceport). If I were writing a novel I would just say "the intercomm said ____ in several languages" or something like that, but since it's audio, for realism I need the actual words. I decided that since it's an earth spaceport, I want to have two prominent earth languages and several alien languages on the intercom and the little voice on the tram between terminals. I decided on English and Japanese, mostly because I know enough Japanese that I can at least pronounce it.

So here are the phrases I need:

Welcome to the Minneapolis/St Paul Spaceport.

Unattended luggage will be destroyed.

Please stand clear of the doors.

Next stop, Humphrey terminal.

Now boarding level 23.
Tags: ~languages: japanese

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