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Swamp survival

I was hoping someone here could direct me toward some websites or just tell me from personaly study/research/what-have-you about swamp survival.

For the record I am somewhat familiar with wilderness survival techniques in wooded and winter environments and a bit in desert environments as well, and to be honest finding pages about survival techniques for all of those settings is relatively easy.

I'm looking for anything that would be specific to a temperate/semi-tropical swamp environment that varies from the standard wilderness survival techniques, i.e. getting clean water, despite being surrounded by mucky water with no streams or anything relatively available.

Plus this is in a primitive setting, so no tying plastic bags to trees to catch the water evaporating from the plant leaves.

The situation would involve two people who have lost all their supplies and so only have the clothes on their backs and the weapons on their bodies, swords and knives, as well as what might be physically attached to them, such as a waterskin, a flint, that sort of thing.

Oh, and it's late spring/early summer. How long they'll be lost I'm not sure, probably a week minimum but possibly longer, who knows? It's a big swamp.

One is more or less familiar with winter survival. The other has pretty much been taken care of most of his life. Both have been required to eke a living out of the woods before and both did pretty bad at it.

I know the three major things are Food, Water, Shelter. Shelter isn't a big deal, there are lots of big trees to shelter under and I've found information on how to make "swamp beds" in environments where most of the ground is underwater.

Food, I'm thinking mostly insects, maybe taking birds out of the nest at night or eggs during the day, fish they'd have to catch by hand so probably not... what about crayfish? Mollusks? I'm not sure if they'd be familiar with the plants and I'm not sure of what sort of things would grow in swamps that they could eat and/or recognize that they could eat. Berries, maybe.

And yeah, the water thing, I don't know. I found something about cutting open vines and sucking out the sap but I don't know if that's something they would think of.

Thanks a lot you guys. :)
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