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Okay, this is a slightly stupid question. But google hates to give me answers like this, so I'll see what info I can recieve: I have a little boy who needs to die in a fire. He needs to die quickly and in as little pain as possible, since I'm keeping him on a ghost who doesn't believe he's dead. He's awake when the fire starts and hides in a closet. Everything around him is wood or drywall. Any suggested styles of death?

And, I have one other really stupid and kind of silly question. I'm writing about two boys doing, well, smut chats online. One's American, from the midwest, and the other's French, in London and they're chatting mostly in English. Any slang in any applicable language for orgasm would be greatly appreciated. My goal is to confuse both of them to no end, so anything goes here folks!
Tags: ~medicine: burns & smoke inhalation, ~sex
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