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Marriage, Monarchy, and the Media?

Hey, everyone. This is a personal project that will probably never be released (according to my brother, it's a ripoff of Crest of the Stars, even though I've never seen it), but since I'd like to get the most out of it as an exercise, I thought I might as well go ahead and ask my questions. Setting is a science-fiction alternate universe, technological/social advancements are what I'd imagine things might be like about 20-30 years from now (the internet's pretty much all-pervasive but not exactly implanted into people's brains yet), and the monarchical traditions are as close to euro/anglocentric as Wikipedia will get me.

A previously-isolated planet (that is, there is no "Galactic Federation" or whatever; they never knew aliens existed until they showed up in their atmosphere) is approached by a space-faring race of aliens that survive by colonizing other worlds. They [mostly] come in peace, but the planet's government is still scared and enters into a very uneasy "alliance" with them. The story picks up about fifty years after the first contact has been made.

So, anyway, the planet is governed by a monarchy, and we have three princes: Eldest is Heir Apparent (and does ascend the throne during the course of the story, after his father passes away due to heart failure); Middle is destined to become the prince consort of an alien princess in order keep the peace, even as the alien race grows ever closer to a full-scale invasion of their planet; Youngest is Heir Presumptive (or at least, I think so...) and free to do as he pleases?

Although the story mostly revolves around the middle brother, my questions for today pertain to the youngest, specifically what the media might say about his marriage prospects. With their society under a very real threat of invasion (and his older brother already shipped off and living at their court), would he be encouraged to marry a foreign princess and thus cement a possible alliance against the aliens? Or would they be resistant to further opening up their government to outside influence, and encourage him to pick a wife from among their own nobility?

Character-wise, he's cultivated a playboy image (which was partially encouraged by the media--he's their adorable baby princeling, in contrast to all-business Eldest and rather homely, sickly Middle) which he is now wrestling with as he comes of age, as he very seriously supports his nation's independence and wants to resist efforts to collaborate with the aliens. Thus far, his public statements promoting independence are written off as just more of his radical young-whippersnapper tendencies. Also, he already has a lover from among the nouveau-riche, but he's aware he probably won't ever marry her.

Thanks for putting up with the ramble, everybody. This comm is amazing.
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